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The Myth of the Medical Malpractice "Crisis"

MYTH: “Medical malpractice is in crisis.”

According to Hart Research Associates in a survey of North Carolina residents, only about 29 percent of the people think there is a real medical malpractice crisis. About two of three people don’t understand the problem at all.

The truth is that it’s a phony crisis created by insurance companies so they can jack up the rates of doctors and blame it on the lawyers and accident victims.

Insurance companies invest their money just like you do in real estate and the stock market. Insurance companies take losses when the market goes sour. It went sour in the mideighties when the tax code changed, and again some years back.

Insurance companies make up their losses by jacking everybody’s rates up, so the losses don’t cost the insurance companies anything and they don’t have to take the blame for it. At least in the medical area, they blame lawyers and pit the lawyers against the doctors.

Keep an eye on the business pages and notice that the insurance companies of America (and the world) are banking enormous profits.

They are always on the lookout for scapegoats.

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